Life TA-CC PYRENEES - Towards a climate resilient transnational mountain area

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Financing mechanism: 
European programme LIFE 60% , and co-financing 40% from CTP
Start date: 
Lead partner: 
Comunidad de Trabajo de los Pirineos
Name of the coordinator: 
Eva García-Balaguer
Contact person: 
Rocío Hurtado Roa
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The Pyrenees is a mountain bioregion particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Seven regional climate change policies from three countries converge in this territory: two EU Member States and one third country. Most of these policies do not take into account two differential facts;

  • the mountainous nature of the territory  
  • the cross-border approach. 

Therefore, there is a need to define a cross-border climate change strategy for the whole of this mountain territory.

At the end of 2018, the Pyrenean Strategy of the CTP was approved, as a result of more than 2 years of reflection and consultation. This strategy clearly includes climate change as one of the main threats affecting all Pyrenean territories - Climate Change Pyrenean Strategy CCPS (More info)


AT LIFE CC PYRÈNÈES is a project whose main objective is to prepare the application for an integrated LIFE project on Climate Change in the Pyrenees by means of:

  • the search for convergence and synergies between the policies of the Pyrenean territories (horizontal coordination)
  • coherence with national and European climate change policies (vertical coordination)
  • The establishment of a consultation and deliberation process with all pyrenean territories (France, Spain and Andorra) and all pyrenean actors involved in climate change adaptation
  • formalisation in a proposal that takes into account the particularities of the Pyrenees as a mountain territory, and therefore particularly sensitive to the impacts of climate change in both its socio-economic (natural risks, population, tourism, agro-pastoralism and energy) and biophysical (flora, fauna, forests, sensitive high mountain ecosystems and water resources) aspects
  • Capitalising on the results of other current and previous projects in which the OPCC has been involved.


Outstanding actions:

  • Development of a participatory process to validate and complete the Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy
  • Deliberation and consultation process for the subsequent definition of the Operational Plan to implement the CCPS.
  • Preparation of an application for an integrated LIFE project to enable the application and implementation of the Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy through the Operational Plan.



21 months

Start date: February 2021

End: October 2022



Total budget:  157.703,02 €

Funding AT LIFE:  94.621,81 €

Funding CTP:   63.081,21 €


The only partner beneficiary is the Consortium of the Working Community of the Pyrenees, made up of 7 territories

Information of interest:

Here you can download the Draft of the Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy

Borrador EPCC

Here you can download the information about the participatory process with the calendar of workshops (* the dates of the territorial workshops are still to be confirmed)

Talleres participativos

Here you can register for the participatory workshops.

Registration form


If you are unable to participate and would like to send your contributions, you can do so by filling out the following questions. Thank you very much









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