The OPCC hosts a European seminar on landscape management and climate change adaptation

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The OPCC hosts a European seminar on landscape management and climate change adaptation

  • 03 Jun

In the framework of the MIDMACC project, co-financed through the LIFE programme, the Pyrenean Observatory of Climate Change is organising a European seminar on landscape management and adaptation to climate change in mid-mountain areas. The event will take place on Monday 7 June online. It is a public seminar and registrations can be made here.

This seminar will include speakers from the MIDMACC project; representatives of regional and supraregional committees of the project; representatives of the Technical and Advisory Committee of the OPCC; and representatives of other mountain territories in the Pyrenees, as well as other European mountain areas such as the Alps, the Gargano massif (Italy), Piedmont (Italy) the Prespa national park (Greece), or the Dordogne (France), among others.

During the day, the transfer and replicability plan of the LIFE MIDMACC project, the experiences of the various European mountain territories invited and the results of some case studies will be presented. This seminar will serve as a meeting point to promote the transfer and replicability of the experiences being developed in MIDMACC, as well as to identify possible European territories interested in replicating some of these experiences. On the other hand, the exchange between territories and the debate generated will make it possible to better adapt rural development policies to mountain territories, and the conclusions will be passed on to the different decision-making bodies of the new CAP. Registration for the event

The context of the MIDMACC project:

The mountain areas of Southern Europe are very sensitive to the effects of climate change due to the severity of droughts and the increase in fires, among others. In addition, these territories suffer the effects of depopulation and the consequent decrease in socio-economic activities, which leads to a progressive reduction of the so-called "mosaic landscape" and an increase in wild vegetation.

MIDMACC works for the recovery of this "mosaic landscape", based on a combination of wild spaces and spaces dedicated to agricultural, silvicultural and pastoral practice, which favours the adaptation of mid-mountain areas to the impacts of climate change.

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