The participatory process of the Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy gets launched

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The participatory process of the Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy gets launched

  • 21 May

Within the framework of the OPCC ADAPYR and LIFE AT-CC Pyrenees, two projects led by the Pyrenean Observatory of Climate Change (OPCC), a participatory process that will serve to complete and validate the future Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy (EPCC) begins. This is a document which the OPCC has been working on since 2020 and it will serve to harmonize climate change policies throughout the Pyrenees massif.

The strategy will be the first of its kind, with a comprehensive approach, in Europe: so far, there are no other climate change adaptation strategies of a transboundary nature that address the climate challenges of the bioregion in a cross-cutting manner. Backed by strong political support and in line with the recently approved European Union Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, the EPCC will work to improve the adaptation to the effects of climate change of Pyrenean territories, taking into account Pyrenean stakeholders.

During the participatory process, several trans-Pyrenean thematic workshops will be held, addressing issues such as climate, natural spaces, socio-economic systems and mountain economy, as well as population, territory and governance. Naturally, the needs and particularities of the seven territories that make up the Working Community of the Pyrenees (Comunidad de Trabajo de los Pirineos)  will also be taken into account.

A complete Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy document is expected to be available in early autumn 2021. The development of its implementation plan will be approached in successive stages.

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