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The OPCC participates in the United Nations celebration of the International Mountain Day.

  • 16 Dec

On the occasion of the International Mountain Day, celebrated every year on 11 December, the Permanent Mission of the Kyrgyz Republic to the United Nations has organized a commemorative event in co

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The CTP accompanies the process of creating a Pyrenean Soils Alliance.

  • 28 Oct

According to the World Soil Charter (FAO, 2015), "Healthy soils are a basic prerequisite for meeting diverse needs for food, biomass (energy), fibre, fodder and

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The Pyrenean Observatory of Climate Change is organising a visit to the study sites of the PHUSICOS project at the Portalet border crossing.

  • 21 Sep

In collaboration with the Espace Pourtalet GECT, the Pyrenean Observatory of Climate Change and the Pyrenees Working Community organized on Friday 11 September two site visits

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