Databases of good practices on climate change adaptation in the Pyrenees

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Databases of good practices on climate change adaptation in the Pyrenees

  • 15 Oct

Mitigation and adaptation to climate change are two sides of the same coin. Mitigation groups a series of measures limiting the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Instead, adaptation refers to the set of initiatives and measures limiting the negative impacts of climate change on the different sectors, be they natural, biophysical or socioeconomic, as well as taking advantage of possible emerging opportunities. The adoption of adaptation measures is often complicated for sectors and decision makers since it is a relatively new type of fight against climate change. It is important for them to know what the different actors are doing in order to adapt to climate challenges.
The OPCC, within the framework of the OPCC2 project, is developing a database of good practices and experiences of adaptation to climate change in the territory of the Pyrenees. The Observatory is very grateful for your help to identify adaptation experiences that have been developed and are being developed in some of the Pyrenean territories (Basque Country, Navarre, Aragon, Catalonia, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Occitanie and Andorra). The ultimate goal is to develop a tool to share and disseminate these experiences through an online catalog on the new OPCC web portal (, to make them available to the population and the international scientific community, and thus facilitate decision-making in the implementation of effective and innovative adaptation measures.

If you are aware of any experience about adaptation to climate change in the Pyrenees, we would be grateful to you for sharing it with us by sending us an email to or by filling out this simple online form where the basic information about the initiatives to be identified is collected.

Thank you for your contribution to improve adaptation in the mountain territories!



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