The final phase of the EPiCC Operational Plan is currently underway

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The final phase of the EPiCC Operational Plan is currently underway

  • 01 Dec

The OPCC continues working to make the Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy - EPiCC ( Estrategia Pirenaica del Cambio Climático) - a reality applied in the territory. This time, it has focused its efforts on the organisation of participatory workshops to advance in the implementation of the EPiCC Operational Plan and to promote networking between the entities interested in its application. This Operational Plan will enable the lines of action considered in the EPiCC to be deployed in the territory through specific actions.

On the 23rd and 24th November, four hybrid format meetings were held at the CTP-OPCC headquarters in Jaca, with the participation of a total of 54 people from the 7 CTP territories. The aim of these workshops was to make progress in the implementation of the actions of the Operational Plan, improving, completing and reinforcing them. Likewise, the aim was to encourage dialogue and debate between different entities, which has made it possible to identify those new entities in the territory that can participate in the development of the actions, establish synergies and collaborations between them, as well as consolidate current and future lines of work.

The Operational Plan, which has a time horizon until 2030, like the EPiCC itself, is organised around 5 systems: Climate, Resilient Natural Areas, Adapted Mountain Economy, Population and Territory and Governance.

During these workshops, a total of 424 proposals have been received from different entities of the territory to develop specific actions of the EPiCC.

These proposals cover a wide range in response to the challenges posed, from the search for specific indicators to monitor climate change and global change in the Pyrenees, the establishment of a permanent monitoring network of sentinel species of flora, fauna and sensitive habitats, the generation and exchange of good practices to promote the important role of Pyrenean soils, the promotion of the use of nature-based solutions (NBS); the valorisation of the ecosystem services provided by the mountain territory, the support of sustainable and local tourism initiatives that improve environmental quality and integrate climatic scenarios, the promotion and awareness-raising of local quality and ecological production, or the strengthening of coordination for the cross-border forecasting, management and monitoring of emerging diseases and pests.

All these initiatives have two key aspects in common:

  • Their specificity in the Pyrenean mountains  and
  • the cross-border approach.

With all the initiatives gathered together, a new phase of internal analysis and a process of interrelation between the entities involved will begin, which will enable the Operational Plan to be finalised so that the document can be submitted for public consultation in the first quarter of 2022.

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