The Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy: a unique cross-border approach in Europe

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The Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy: a unique cross-border approach in Europe

  • 20 Dec

Over the last 60 years, the temperature increase recorded in the Pyrenees has been 1.2ºC. Faced with this acceleration of global warming and with the COVID-19 pandemic as a reflection of the need for joint action in the face of the climate crisis, the Pyrenean territory is redoubling its efforts and taking the lead by launching a unique approach in Europe: the ratification of a Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy (EPiCC) of a mountainous and cross-border nature.

Its presentation took place on 13 December 2021 during the XXXIX Plenary Council of the Working Community of the Pyrenees (CTP), a meeting at which the seven territories that make it up met in the presence of the presidents of each territory to review the actions carried out in the last year and identify the challenges of the territory for the future.

In this context, Eva García Balaguer, coordinator of the Observatory, announced during the Plenary Council: "In 2022, let's take action! The Pyrenean territory bears the scars of climate change a little more each day and that is why the seven territories of the CTP have decided to act in cooperation to adapt to the effects of this global challenge on Pyrenean society, economic sectors and ecosystem by ratifying the Pyrenean Strategy against Climate Change" commented the coordinator of the OPCC.

Developed by the CTP and the OPCC in the framework of the CTP Pyrenees Strategy, the EPiCC aims to bring together the seven Pyrenean territories around five major areas of cooperation to work together in the fight against climate change.

Under this premise and thanks to the partners of the POCTEFA OPCC ADAPYR project, the Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy has been designed in connection with the territory and is the result of a long participatory process that brought together more than 300 participants. It focuses mainly on the definition of key measures to make the Pyrenees more resilient to climate change, in relation to: Climate, Resilient Natural Spaces, Population and Territory, Adapted Mountain Economy and Governance; and includes a total of 72 priority actions to be implemented by 2030.

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