The CTP receives an international award for the work carried out by the Pyrenean Climate Change Observatory (OPCC)

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The CTP receives an international award for the work carried out by the Pyrenean Climate Change Observatory (OPCC)

  • 03 Dec

The Working Community of the Pyrenees (CTP) has been awarded for the work carried out by the Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory in the 6th edition of the Regional Good Practices Award organised by the United Regions Organisation ORU FOGAR and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

This award recognises the work carried out by the OPCC since its creation in 2010, which is based on studying how Climate Change affects the Pyrenees as a whole and proposing adaptation measures.

The 6th Regional Good Practices Award has a global scope and is aimed at intermediate governments: regional, provincial or federated states. During the international ceremony, other initiatives from regions in Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil were also awarded.

The main objective of ORU FOGAR, an organisation of united regions created in 2007, is to be the loudspeaker for regions all over the world.

Under the slogan of this award "Effectiveness, efficiency and innovation for the benefit of the collective good", ORU FOGAR and UNDP aim to highlight an activity or process of an administration that has produced outstanding results in public management and that can be replicated internationally.

Eva García Balaguer, coordinator of the OPCC has highlighted that "Participating in international scenarios such as the ORU FOGAR awards put us in contact with other territories with which we can share experiences and approaches to make our communities more resilient as established in the Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, these awards stimulate us and push us to continue our work to tackle climate change in the Pyrenees mountain area". 

The winning projects will be added to the Regional Best Practices Bank, a platform that brings together all the winning cases to ensure their maximum projection, achieve international recognition and enable their replicability.

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