CLIMPY Workshop: Indicators and climate projections in the Pyrenees’ massif

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CLIMPY Workshop: Indicators and climate projections in the Pyrenees’ massif

Osteguna, 20 Iraila, 2018

Météo-France, as an active partner of the CLIMPY project, invites you to the second Workshop dedicated to climate indicators, snow indicators and climate projections in the Pyrenees’ massif.

This day session will allow to inform about the climate change analyse process carried out in the project and to discuss the first results on extreme phenomenons, snow height and climate projections in the Pyrenees.

This Workshop, open to the public, is addressed to both all scientific partners of the project Pyrenean Climate Change Observatory and to all mountain climate experts and passionate, and more specially of the Pyrenees.


  • 09:30: Welcoming
  • 10h-11h30: Session 1: Climate extremes indicators
  • 11h30-13h: Session 2: Snow indicators
  • 14h15-15h45: Session 3: Climate projections in the Pyrenees
  • 15:45-17h: Session 4: Adaptation and PCCO (Pyrenean Climate Change Observatory)


Place of the Workshop

The CLIMPY Workshop will take place in Toulouse, 42 Coriolis avenue, in the International Centre of Conferences of Météo-France, on 20th September 2018 at 9h30.


The registration form, as well as the ways to access to Météo-France and accommodation options are available online:

The registration to the conference is free of charge but compulsory.

The registration deadline is on 13th September 2018.

Places to the Workshop are limited (200 places).


Access here to the workshop presentations

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